Best Western Plus SalsaFest Chelada Competition

How to Participate in the SalsaFest 2023 Chelada Competition

Excited to show off your mixology skills at this year’s SalsaFest? Join us for an unforgettable Michelada Competition at The Venue and Vignette on Main Street. All registrations will be taken online via eventbrite. Here’s your guide on how to participate:

Competition Details:

Eligibility & Guidelines:
  1. Age: Participants must be 21 years old or older.
  2. Entries: Limit of one entry per individual.
  3. Beer Choices: You can choose between 805 Cerveza or Estrella (final selection pending).
  4. Ingredients: Up to seven ingredients allowed. This can include fruit juices, concentrates, brines, syrups, drops, or dashes. (Note: Beer and garnishes are not included in this count).
  5. Garnishing: Only allowed on the rim or the top of the drink.
  6. Assembly: Present all 5 drinks (at least 20oz each) to the judges during your slot.
  7. Equipment: Bring your bartending tools and glassware, including shakers and bar spoons.
  8. Preparation Time: Maximum of seven minutes to prepare your drink. An extra five minutes will be allocated for familiarization and setup.
  9. Fruits & Garnishes: Prep work like slicing and wedging should be completed within the assigned time.
  10. Safety: The use of fire or flames is strictly prohibited.


How to Join:
  1. Participation Fee: There is a nominal fee of $15 for participating in the competition.
  2. Registration: Slots are limited; register on eventbrite as soon as possible to secure your place.

Showcase your unique twist on Michelada and elevate the SalsaFest 2023 experience. Register today and get ready to mix things up!

For any questions or additional information, please contact Vance Bryce at 928-792-8661, or

We look forward to seeing your mixology magic in action!

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