The Gila Valley Adventure Club is a dynamic community initiative focused on reintroducing ourselves and our visitors to the wonders of the Gila Valley. 

We build a connecting environment while providing engaging recreational programming.

By carving out space for ourselves to connect and build lasting bonds, the club creates a sense of belonging and strengthens community ties. 

The Adventure Club is dedicated to advancing our quality of life and visitor experience by showcasing the region’s rich heritage, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities through our programming. 

The Club collaborates with Gila Valley Tourism stakeholders, strives to identify partnership opportunities, and leads projects to improve the overall Gila Valley experience. 

With our emphasis on exploration, appreciation, and development, the Gila Valley Adventure Club serves as a catalyst for connection and the discovery of the wonders that the Gila Valley has to offer to everyone.

2023 Adventure Club Schedule

Next Adventure: June 10

Join the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition for the Mt. Graham Earth and Nature Appreciation Hike with Louie Lorenzo on June 10! Register by June 2, call or text Kathy Grimes at 928-322-1747. The hike begins at 10 a.m.

Stroll down the City of Safford Main Street and look at our murals! Check out our Mural Search!

Come check out the History of the Safford area with this Historic Safford Walking Tour!

Visit the Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society of Graham County! Look at the family histories, historical artifacts and immerse yourself in the history of the region! Click here.

Outdoor recreation- Graham County, Arizona offers outdoor enthusiasts a paradise of adventure and natural beauty. From the majestic heights of Mount Graham to the tranquil waters of Riggs Lake and Roper Lake, as well as the captivating Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area, there are endless opportunities for hiking, fishing, and immersing oneself in nature’s wonders. Click here for a list of recreational opportunities!

Middle of Somewhere- An Article Series by the Eastern Arizona Courier Newspaper Focusing on Local Tourism

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