2023 CMI SalsaFest Challenge

Participation Instructions

Hello Salsa Makers! We’re excited you’re considering entering the SalsaFest Challenge! Here’s what you need to know to spice up the event:

1. Registration
– All participants must pre-register via Eventbrite.
– There’s a registration fee of $10.
– Check out this food safety information

2. Event Details
Date: Saturday, September 23rd
Location: East Side of Safford City Hall Lawn, 717 W Main Street, Safford, AZ 85546

3. Schedule
7:00 am – 8:15 am: Check-in. Please be punctual as we won’t accept check-ins post 8:15 am.
8:30 am: Mandatory food safety meeting. All participants must attend.
8:45 am – 11:59 am: Salsa preparation, packaging, and table decoration time.
12:00 pm: Serving starts. Serving ends when you are out of salsa.
8:00 pm: Winners are announced on the main stage.

4. Provided Supplies and Stations
– One table and two chairs.
– 5-gallon bucket and stirrer.
– $20 gift card to Thriftee Market
– 250, 2 oz containers for your salsa.
– 2 sharpies to mark container
– Electrical outlet station
– Three compartment sink
– Produce washing station
– Hand Washing Station
– Restrooms will be on the Kempton Chevrolet Wall

5. Requirements
– Prepare a minimum of 250, 2 oz containers of your salsa (4 Gallons). If you’d like, you can make more.
– All ingredients MUST be purchased from a grocery store.
– You are required to show the receipts for all your ingredients to ensure the salsa is safe for consumption.
– The seals on your ingredient containers should remain unbroken until the event.

6. Judging & Prizes
– $1,000 for judge’s choice.
– $500 for the people’s choice.
– $200 for the best table display during the salsa handout.

A Few Notes:
– Please ensure you pay attention to all food safety guidelines.
– Remember, the emphasis is on both taste and presentation!
– Engage with the crowd! The more people taste your salsa and the more salsa you have, the better your chance for the people’s choice award.

Get ready to showcase your culinary prowess and we can’t wait to taste the variety of flavors you bring to the table! See you at the SalsaFest Challenge!

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