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a testing environment in a computer system in which new or untested software can be run securely.

“And here’s the even bigger news, I think. The more we’re willing to embrace the suck and try new things, the more new things we’re willing to try. And it’s not because being new gets comfortable, it’s because we learn how to normalize discomfort. If there’s one thing I know for sure, normalizing discomfort, learning how to stay standing in the midst of feeling unsure and uncertain, that’s the foundation of courage. Imagine what it would be like to know that you can get through something that’s vulnerable and uncomfortable, that you have what it takes to survive the cringey, awkward moments, as my kids would say, “That’s so cringey, mom.” Knowing that we have the strength to survive those moments and come out on the other side with new information, new ideas, new habits, new skills, that’s how we get braver with our lives and with our hearts.”

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