Live Well O2- Free Services TOMORROW 10/19!

This is my beautiful mom, Sylvia.

To honor my mom. September was mental health/suicide prevention month. October is when everyone focuses on breast cancer.

My mother had breast cancer which may have been part of the suicide equation. I don’t really know. But I want to honor her life. And here’s how we’re doing that. Normally, I would have planned this for her graduation date, October 20, but we’ll be getting ready for the Oktoberfest.

So, on October 19, all services are free for only the following people.

If you have a breast cancer diagnosis, if you have a mom or sister who died of breast cancer. If you have an immediate family member who took their life. I want to serve you on this day. Obviously we’ll have limited space, but we’ll fill it. You may enjoy one service for free. Choose HBOT with one red light. A Braintap session. A red light therapy session. Or time in the far infrared sauna.

Please feel free to tag a friend who qualifies. First come, first served. Services only good on October 19. Call or text the office for your appointment or send us direct message. Number is in the comments.

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