Exciting Work-Study Opportunity with Graham County Chamber of Commerce!



FROM: Graham County Chamber of Commerce

SUBJECT: Work-study opportunities with the Graham County Chamber of Commerce are open 

WHEN: August 1

WHERE: Graham County



Exciting Work-Study Opportunity with Graham County Chamber of Commerce!

Graham County- The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the availability of a dynamic work-study position, inviting students to embark on a journey of exploration, relationship-building, and discovery. This unique opportunity will enable aspiring individuals to interact closely with community leaders, esteemed business owners, and uncover the hidden gems that make Graham County an exceptional destination for tourism.

The Graham County Chamber of Commerce, aims to welcome responsible individuals with a positive attitude and strong communication skills. 

“This is an exciting position that will give students the opportunity to build relationships with leaders and business owners in the community. They will also get to learn about all of the incredible restaurants, hotels, and tourism sites in Graham County,” said  Vance Bryce, Graham County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. 

Students can verify their eligibility by contacting Krista.Kouts@eac.edu or the Eastern Arizona College Financial Aid Office at 928-428-8288.

Preferred candidates for the Office Assistant position will possess office experience, including document scanning, shredding, and creating envelope labels for mailers. Such expertise will ensure seamless administrative operations, supporting the Chamber’s initiatives in promoting local businesses and fostering a vibrant economic environment.

Beyond office duties, selected students will have the privilege of participating in and contributing to various local events. Their customer service skills will be honed as they engage with event attendees, ensuring a memorable experience and showcasing the warmth and hospitality that Graham County is renowned for.

To apply for this promising work-study opportunity, interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications via email to admin@grahamchamber.org or in person at the Graham County Chamber of Commerce  at 1051 W. Thatcher Blvd. in Safford.

The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is eagerly looking forward to welcoming passionate students who wish to make a difference in the community while gaining valuable experience and connections that will last a lifetime.

For Press Inquiries, contact Brooke Curley at 928-428-2511 or by email at brooke@grahamchamber.org 

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