Ryker Griffin wins GVSH Logo Contest

Ryker Griffin, Thatcher Middle School Graduate, Wins Logo Contest for Gila Valley Samaritan Home

[Gila Valley, June 1, 2023] – The Gila Valley Samaritan Home is pleased to announce Ryker Griffin as the winner of the logo contest for its upcoming respite center for the homeless community. The Gila Valley Samaritan Home, located near the intersection of highways 70 and 191, is currently undergoing remodeling and is set to open its doors in July 2023.

To find a suitable logo for the lighted sign at the facility, the Samaritan Home’s board members initiated a design contest open to junior and senior high school students in Graham and Greenlee counties. The winner of the contest would not only receive a $100 prize but would also have the honor of having their picture featured in the local paper, on the Graham County Chamber of Commerce website, and on the marquee.

Out of the numerous talented participants, Ryker Griffin’s logo design stood out for its creativity, compassion, and representation of the Samaritan Home’s mission. The winning logo will become the symbol of hope for the homeless community in the Gila Valley, fostering a welcoming environment for those seeking respite and assistance.

In recognition of his achievement, Ryker Griffin will be present at the grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, where he will be acknowledged for his outstanding contribution. The Samaritan Home extends its gratitude to all the local students who participated in the contest, showcasing their artistic skills and dedication to making a positive impact in their community.

For more information about the Gila Valley Samaritan Home, please contact Sue Ciancimino, Director of the Gila Valley Samaritan Home, via email at cianciminosue@gmail.com.

About Gila Valley Samaritan Home:
The Gila Valley Samaritan Home is a forthcoming respite center dedicated to providing support and assistance to the homeless community in the Gila Valley. With a strategic location near highways 70 and 191, the Samaritan Home aims to offer a safe and welcoming space for individuals in need. The facility is undergoing remodeling and is scheduled to open its doors in July 2023.

Media Contact:
Sue Ciancimino
Director, Gila Valley Samaritan Home
Email: cianciminosue@gmail.com

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