Grand Enchantment Trail -Hikers stop to sign our trail book!

The Grand Enchantment Trail is a challenging and rugged long-distance hiking trail that spans approximately 770 miles through the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts of the southwestern United States. Misty and Troy Bischoff, along with their dog Dante, have been on the trail for three months, and have already encountered numerous challenges and adventures.

Their journey began at Dutchman Trail in the Superstition Mountains of central Arizona and has taken them through a range of ecosystems and historic sites, from saguaro cactus forests to ancient Native American ruins and old mining towns. The Sonoran Desert was particularly difficult, with extreme heat and a lack of water sources presenting significant challenges.

Misty and Troy recently stopped in Safford, Arizona to rest and share their story of their adventure so far. While in Safford, they visited the Graham County Chamber of Commerce and signed the Grand Enchantment Trail book. They plan to continue their journey soon, with their ultimate goal being Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For hikers on the Grand Enchantment Trail, a stop at the Graham County Chamber of Commerce is highly recommended. In addition to signing the Grand Enchantment Trail book, the Chamber offers a wealth of information and resources to help hikers on their journey. From trail maps and weather updates to advice on local wildlife and water sources, the Chamber is a valuable resource for anyone hiking the trail.

Overall, Misty and Troy’s adventure on the Grand Enchantment Trail is a testament to the beauty and challenge of long-distance hiking, as well as the human spirit of perseverance and determination. Hikers on the trail should be sure to stop in at the Graham County Chamber of Commerce while in Safford to let other hikers know you passed through!

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