Safford Community Video Project kicks off!

Great news, Safford is partnering with CGI Digital to produce a series of exciting videos that showcase all the city has to offer to residents, visitors, and businesses! The videos will be prominently featured on the city’s official website,, providing viewers with an immersive video tour of the area’s attractions, quality of life, and economic development opportunities. These videos will be a series of interactive and engaging videos designed to promote Safford to new families, businesses and visitors. Video topics will cover things like education, healthcare, shopping, dining, recreation, economic and business development.

Have your business or organization be featured in these videos and sponsor them- schedule for your time by utilizing this link to set a time at your convenience. CLICK HERE FOR SAFFORD COMMUNITY VIDEO MEETING SCHEDULER

Additionally through the videos, local business community and leaders can show off not only their businesses and services but community spirit through their involvement. Pricing for the videos would vary depending on the business from an estimated $500 to $5,000.

Please contact Mike Buono, Business Development & Community Showcase Director at 585-755-7138 or with further questions.

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