EAC’s “A Spare Me” to be performed May 4-6


We are excited to announce the upcoming production of “The Spare Generation,” a thought-provoking play that explores humanity’s last hope for survival. In a world where resources and population are dwindling, the fate of humanity rests on one final generation of children. These brilliant minds are given everything they need, including genetically-engineered spare life forms to ensure their survival.

However, when high school student Sel is replaced by his spare after a tragic accident, his friends begin to question their own identities. As they delve deeper into the dark secrets behind their lives, both the children and the spares set out to prove that they have minds of their own.

Please note that this play is rated PG-13 for adult language and mature topics, including self-harm and references to LGBTQ themes.

Don’t miss this exciting and thought-provoking production! A Spare Me will be performed at Eastern Arizona College South Campus 3 on May 4-6 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are 5.

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