Mohave Cannabis Co Ribbon Cutting

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SAFFORD – The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the Mohave Cannabis Co. ribbon cutting ceremony on December 10 at 12 p.m.

Mohave Cannabis Co, located at 1809 West Thatcher Boulevard, offers a full range of recreational and medical marijuana products including Mohave Reserve, Mohave Select, Mohave Gold, and their newest infused preroll, the Mohave Heater. Customers can also choose from a broad assortment of products from partner brands including WYLD, Abstrakt and Stiiizy.

The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for noon, and will be orchestrated by Graham County Chamber of Commerce staff.

Rooted in cultivation, Mohave Cannabis Co. has provided premium indoor flower in Arizona and California for over 10 years. Mohave Cannabis Co.® proudly gives back to the communities they serve through providing jobs, organizing community river cleanups, scholarships and nonprofit donations.

Press Inquiries:Text or call Brooke Curley at 928-428-2511 at the Chamber of
Commerce, or email Ayumi Hanaoka at

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Mohave Cannabis Co. Website

Mohave Cannabis Club Safford
1809 W Thatcher Blvd
Safford, AZ 85546

Mohave Cannabis Club Globe
2250 Highway 60
Suite M
Globe, AZ 85501

Mohave Cannabis Club Somerton
3345 E County 15th St
Somerton, AZ 85350

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