Gila Valley Leadership accepting applications for Cohort 17


Eastern Arizona Courier Article by Courier Staff

Gila Valley Leadership’s board of directors is seeking applicants to become delegates for Cohort 17.

Potential applicants should email or visit the Gila Valley Leadership offices located at 1051 W. Thatcher Blvd., Suite C, Safford, for instructions and an application.

Applications are due by Aug. 10.

The Gila Valley Leadership program is a 10-month, monthly leadership and professional development program led by the Graham County Chamber of Commerce, city of Safford, town of Thatcher, town of Pima, Graham County and Eastern Arizona College.

Delegates have the opportunity to build relationships with community members and leaders; develop teamwork, organizational and collaborative skills, and tour many of the institutions that make the Gila Valley community’s wheels turn.

The board is looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds and opinions that want to increase the quality of life for everyone in the Gila Valley, whether that be as an elected official, board member, commission member, business owner or as an individual resident.

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