Hot air balloon to return to SalsaFest

Contributed Article/Courtesy Graham County Chamber of Commerce

GRAHAM COUNTY – The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is announcing the return of the hot air balloon element to the SalsaFest this year.

This year, the owners of AZ Air Ventures, Susan and Greg Lindsey, will be bringing their eight-story tall hot air balloon to the festival for a glow-up experience. Although they won’t be giving rides to festival-goers, they will be inflating the balloon, answering questions, and allowing the community to take pictures of their balloon. To glow up means to light the flame at the top of the basket and fill the balloon with hot gas.  Ice King is the sponsor for the Hot Air Balloon Glow at this year’s SalsaFest.

“It’s a wonderful photo opportunity, the courthouse is only three stories tall, and the balloon is eight stories tall, so you can imagine what it’s like,” Greg said.

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